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HelixChat: A Helix Client/Server Demo

You must use Helix Client 8.0.1 to access techdb. The current Client is available from the downloads page, or by choosing ‘Check For Updates…’ from the Helix Client menu.

What Is HelixChat?

In essence, HelixChat is a multiuser chat service, running on Helix Client/Server, and for Helix users, that makes it worthwhile all by itself.

HelixChat is part of techdb, our online database for reporting bugs, making feature requests, and more.

What Does HelixChat Do?

HelixChat serves many purposes:

  1. It provides you with a way to test and demonstrate the power of Helix Client/Server before purchase. What better way to ‘see it for yourself’ than to connect to an already up-and-running Server.
  2. Along with HelixChat, guest user access provides searches of our error code and tech support call databases, forms where you can submit bug reports and feature requests, and even a form you can use to send documents to us.
  3. It provides a channel for users to communicate with us. You can jump on, ask a question, make a comment and possibly even get an answer! Members of the QSA ToolWorks staff are usually present every Friday afternoon (US Eastern Time Zone, -0500 GMT) to answer your Helix questions.
  4. It provides a channel for users to communicate with other users. Conversations are held on multiple subjects and in multiple languages!, by Helix users around the world. Sometimes the tips are about the best way to implement a function; other time they are about the best wine to serve with beef. You never know.
  5. It gives us a chance to exercise the code in a large-scale setting. We have had days when more than 100 Clients are simultaneously connected, which helps us identify bugs and areas in the code where optimization is needed.
  6. During beta testing phases, it provides us with a very useful way to demonstrate new features and get instant feedback on them.

Because HelixChat is a Helix collection, the chats are preserved and available for review at any time. You don't have to be connected at the same time as other users to carry on a conversation.


The code for the HelixChat itself is available in the samples library on our file server, in case you want to put it — or the techniques it employs — to use in your own collections.

Step By Step Instructions
How To Join HelixChat

HelixChat is part of our online support database, techdb. If you are not familiar with this resource, this page tells you how to access it.


Once you have logged in, the HelixChat window should automatically open. (If it doesn’t, you can select it from the menu bar.)

Using HelixChat is pretty simple: identify yourself, type a message, and click the Post Message button. Your comments can now be read by Helix users all over the world!

And don't forget: every Friday afternoon (US Eastern Time Zone, -0500 GMT) members of the QSA ToolWorks staff drop by to join in on the conversation. If you want to talk directly to us, this is a great way to do it.