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The Helix Marketing Museum
A collection of Helix significa and memorabilia. Arranged by year (approximately) and presented for your edification and entertainment.
Year Editorial Advertising Collateral Materials
1984 Original product listing from the premier issue of The Macintosh Buyer’s Guide. The Fawn Walks A rare photo of the creators of Helix

InfoWorld Article, January

InfoWorld Article, April

Database Report Card from InfoWorld

Macworld Review, November issue

Make the Natural Selection

Byte Magazine Ad


AppleLink DH Press Release

As the Helix Twists, by Dave De La Vega

New Relations, by Jim Heid

The Well-Tiled Abacus, by David Foster

Now Your Business Can Do More of What It Does Best

The Only Complete Multi-User System

World of Helix Evolves (brochure)

Silver-and-white glossy Press Kit


Database Records, a chart from a Macworld article

The Networked Mac/VAX, by Al Cini from The DEC Professional (article on Helix VMX)

Beyond File Servers, by Al Cini, from The DEC Professional (article on ODMS)

Double Helix II Product Sheet

What’s New in Double Helix II?


Helix Revisited, by Al Cini, from The DEC Professional (article on DataDesk and GeoQuery)

Daniel Cheifetz interview

Double Helix or Nothing, Part 1, by Gary Hirschberg from MacUser

Make your Macintosh do anything

Macworld Expo product sheet

1989 Programming with AppleTalk for VMS, from DEC Professional

FedEx Helix Testimonial

First DataDesk ad

"Puppies" 2-page spread ad

The "Puppies" Brochure

Double Helix 3.0 Review by Charles Seiter, from MACWORLD, March 1990

The MultiUser Database Challenge from MACWORLD, May 1990

Man goes mental over Helix MacWorld Expo Contest Flyer
1991   If You're in a Hurry, Read this Ad Tech-Connect Letter

Helix Express 1.0 Press Release

Strategies: Relational Databases, by Michael Miley, from MacUser, June 1992


Helix Express 1.0 Upgrade Mailer

Fastest Multiuser Relational Database

Fax'd draft of unreleased Fact Sheet

Fax'd draft of unreleased Services Plan

The Irresistible Dream of Groupware


***Review, July MACWORLD

Do It Yourself Databases, by Jan Smith from MacUser, November issue


Helix Express 2.0 Upgrade Brochure

Helix Express 2.0 Mailer

Helix Express 2.0 Stuffer

How to Reach Us

Tech-Connect Registration Card


**** Review of Helix Express 2.0.1 in the July Macwork by Charles Seiter

MacWEEK article, by Mark Janikas, November 14

MacWEEK article on Helix Express 3.0, November 28


Helix 2.0 Summer Sale Mailer

Helix Express 3.0 Upgrade Mailer

Café Helix

Café Helix Express

1995 Feature Game Email  

Helix Express 3.5 Upgrade Mailer

Helix Express 3.5 Order Form


Helix Express 4.0 Upgrade Mailer

Helix Express 4.0 Order Form

Helix Express 4.0 2C Brochure

Helix Express 4.0 4C Brochure

1997 Low-End Databases, a comparison of Helix Express 4.5 (**** Review) and Phyla from Macworld October issue.  

"So Fast" brochure

Commonly Asked Questions Card

Mailer Insert


Fall Training Brochure

Helix 4.5 Fall Sale Mailer

Helix Fire Sale

2000     Macworld Expo 2001 Flyer