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What people don't know (or understand) about Helix...

...can be found if you look real hard. Through its history, the computer trade press has had a difficult time with Helix due to what has occasionally been called its "iconoclastic" nature. This play on the word "icon," so much a part of Helix and the Macintosh interface, has been used to label Helix as somehow not Mac-like enough. Nonethess, we will use this page to place future reviews of our product. Older articles can be found in the Helix Museum.

Click the link at left to read the review in Tidbits. This review, from Tidbits #518 (February 20, 2000), was written by Matt Neuburg.

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Outstanding & unique program. I am not a programmer and have been able to build a complex, sophisticated, relational database. Unmatched speed, versatility, and ability to easily change to meet new data requirements. Very stable, logging option eliminates data loss, unaffected by system crashes or electrical failures. Allows you to "step out of the box", conventional database restrictions don't apply. Easy to start simple and develop as needs grow.

The 4.5.5 version is free to download from the Helix Web site - this version will be chargeable when the full product is released and adds extra functionality in that the client/server version can now user TCP/IP so that a client and server can be across the Internet. There is also a go faster option of putting the data entirely in RAM at execution time. Several other minor improvements such as extracting in HTML format automatically and some bug fixes round off this welcome upgrade. On the down side you lose the 68K client option. If you've never used Helix it is the architypal Mac database - completely graphical and with no code to learn. Download 4.5.5 and try it out - after all its free!