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Do You Use User Name Security?

User Name Security provides a level of security beyond the default state of a Helix collection. With User Name Security turned off (the default in a Helix collection) the list of user names that is presented upon log in (and when switching users) is like "anti-security" or "counter-security" in that it gives a person trying to break into your collection a critical piece of information.

Requiring all users to use a password to access the collection is the first level of security. User Name Security is the second level.

With more and more Helix collections being served on the internet, the possibility of hack attempts is increasing. A hacker could scan IP addresses looking for active servers, and if they were to find one, being presented with a list of user names to start picking from gives them a tremendous advantage in breaking into your collection. Having to know both a valid username and password provides an effective wall to keep them out.

So, the question is: Is User Name Security turned on for your collections?

Time Frame

This survey ran until February 27, 2007.

185 users responded to this survey.

The Question Is User Name Security Turned On For Your Collection?
The Results

Basically, the results show a 50/50 split. This tends to indicate that if we were to force User Name Security on in Helix Client/Server, it would not be a major stumbling block. We may do that at some point in the future.

The results of the survey will be analyzed in greater detail later.