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QSA ships Intel Native Helix Server 6.1.1

New York, NY, June 30, 2008 — Following the release of Helix Server for PowerPC on April 4, QSA ToolWorks, LLC today announced the release of the Intel-native Helix Server 6.1.1. This release continues the expansion of Helix into the realm of macOS software, a recovery project that began in the autumn of 2002.

In addition to addressing reported bugs in Helix Server for PowerPC, Helix Server for Intel brings increased performance to Helix users worldwide. Also available for the first time are Intel-native releases of Helix Client and Helix Engine in what is being termed a ‘Preview Release’ as the complete Helix feature set is not yet available in them. “Our first Preview Release showed us that not every user requires the full capabilities of Helix, and that for a majority of them these releases are more than sufficient,” said Gil Numeroff, director of marketing for QSA. “With this knowledge, we have decided to release these products now, allowing many Helix users to benefit from macOS native Helix right away.”

Following the initial shipment of Helix Server 6.0 in December 2005, the Helix Recovery Team (as it is known by Helix’s dedicated user base) has worked against overwhelming odds to come to this point. “When you consider all the roadblocks we’ve had to overcome since then, the biggest being the decision by Apple to switch from PowerPC to Intel CPUs, it’s really incredible that we’ve managed to get this far on our budget,” said Gil Numeroff. “But when you look back at the history of the Helix product family, it should really come as no surprise to anyone.”

Indeed, many Helix users have been running the product in their businesses and homes almost continuously since 1984. There are very few products on any platform that can boast that kind of longevity through the number of major changes that have occurred in the computer industry since the Macintosh and PC platforms debuted in the 1980s. In spite of its often difficult history, relatively few Helix users abandon the product once they get a taste of how truly powerful and flexible it is.

Client Platform Transparency

Helix Server 6.1.1 is compatible with all three Helix Client products: Helix Client Classic, Helix Client for PowerPC and Helix Client for Intel, allowing a complete mix of old and new client Macs. Any Mac running Mac OS 9.1 or later can run Helix Client. The ability to use the Classic Client along with the macOS-native Clients will provide users with a way to seamlessly transition from older Macs, while continuing access to the advanced Helix features that will not be available in the initial release of the macOS-native Helix Client.

“This release is significant because it represents the first fruits of our switch Helix from CodeWarrior to Xcode,” says Matt Strange, director of product development for QSA. “We are now in a position — for the first time since we acquired Helix in 2004 — to offer our flagship product running natively on all current Macintosh computers, and to begin to actively compete once again for market share.”

Helix is a family of Macintosh applications

Helix is an application development and deployment environment that was one of the original thirty software products created for the Macintosh platform prior to its debut in 1984. It is available in three forms:

Helix was created in 1983 by Jonathan Schneider, Larry Atkin, David Harmon and Daniel Cheifetz and originally produced by Odesta Corporation of Northbrook, Illinois in November of 1984.