20 December 2016 — After over two and a half years of development, QSA ToolWorks today announces the immediate availability of the Helix 7 family of information management tools.

The Helix product line debuted with the introduction of the very first Macintosh computer in 1984 and continues to make inroads into hundreds of different industries more than three decades later.

While the internet and all manner of mobile devices provide a seemingly limitless cornucopia of apps that many people try, some buy and some use, for many individuals and businesses, there is still no adequate substitute for the custom tailored approach to data management, and that is why these products continue to find new uses. Everyone uses databases, but most people are not aware of the power and flexibility a database management application like Helix can provide when applied to a specific need.

macOS, scalability and security

“It has long been our policy to put our tools into user’s hands when they are ready, not according to a pre-determined schedule,” says Gil Numeroff, QSA director of marketing and sales, adding “and Helix 7 is no exception.”

“We could have shipped Helix 7 six months ago,” says Matt Strange, QSA director of product development, “but Apple’s release of macOS Sierra caused us to wait until we could test for compatibility and adequately address any issues we might discover.”

Those issues are now in the rear-view mirror. Helix 7 fulfills QSA’s goal of bringing a more scalable and secure toolset to the information management workplace, while continuing its evolution away from its roots in the Classic Mac OS era.

Helix 7 brings many anticipated features such as Unicode support, and extended file sizes. Where Helix collections were previously limited to 4 GB files, they can now grow to 64 GB. “By the time a customer reports they are nearing that limit, we’ll be supporting even larger sizes,” notes Mr. Strange.

“Another key feature of Helix 7 is encryption,” says Numeroff. “Medicine and healthcare are two of our largest market segments, and in these industries, encryption is really no longer optional. To comply with most state and federal laws, systems handling medical and patient demographic data must provide secure authentication and encrypted communication.” Users in other markets will certainly find the added security useful as well.

50 new features and hundreds of improvements

Before embarking on this massive development project, QSA reached out to is user base to get a read on which new features users wanted most. While much had to be left on the cutting room floor, more than 50 new features and enhancements make their debut in Helix 7. A complete listing of everything new and different is detailed on the QSA ToolWorks website, with direct page links found in the latest edition of our online commentary, “The Latest Word,” one click away from our home page at qsatoolworks.com.

It was also announced that pricing for Helix 7 is increasing on January 1, 2017.