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BZ1051: Editing rectangles containing graphics via dialog can corrupt collection


The Problem

Changing the attributes of a label or command rectangle containing a large graphic via the attributes dialog can result in collection damage.


This bug only occurs if both of these conditions are met:

  1. A label or command rectangle contains a graphic larger than 64K
  2. The attributes of the rectangle are modified by opening the rectangle attributes dialog

In this situation, the graphic is corrupted when the OK button is clicked (accepting the changes made in the dialog).

Once this corruption has occurred, the collection will fail to pass the Helix Utility Data Damage Check. Attempts to delete the rectangle may succeed, but it is more likely that Helix RADE will crash with a 5xxx error.


There are two ways to avoid this bug:

  1. Do not open the attributes dialog: use the menu commands instead.
  2. Cut the graphic out of the rectangle, then open the dialog, make the desired edits, and click OK. You can now safely paste the graphic back into the rectangle.

This bug affects all versions of Helix back to (at least) Helix Express 4.5.


Helix 6.1.3 and later do not open the dialog when this bug is possible. Instead a Why? message informs the user:

This dialog can not be opened because the rectangle contains an image larger than 64K. Use menu commands to change the attributes instead.

This is obviously a workaround until we can address the root bug.

This bug will be addressed in Helix RADE for macOS.


Special thanks to Greg Morin for bringing this bug to our attention.