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BZ740: Option 4 Posting bug in Find and Print All

Bug (with Workaround)

The Problem

A bug has been discovered that occurs during record printing if and only if you have all of the following conditions at the same time:

  • The view is an entry view
  • You use Find and Print All to print the records
  • There are multiple records to be printed
  • The view includes a subform
  • At least one of the host view records has enough subform data to require more than a single page
  • The view is set to Post on Print
  • The post is an Option 4 post designed to delete the host record

In this situation, the records print properly until the first multipaged record is encountered. After that record is printed, subsequent host records are deleted before they are printed, and their pages are printed with no data.

The Solution

This bug can be avoided in one of two ways:

  1. Make the host form into a list and use Print Form instead of Find and Print All to print.
  2. Create a recursive sequence with Find First and Print Form commands and use that to print.

This bug has existed in Helix for a very long time, but it was not discovered until the Helix 5.2 test cycle. If you have never encountered it before, you do not need to worry that your collections have changed behavior due to a Helix version upgrade.


This bug exists in all versions of Helix as far back as we know.


This bug is under review.

See Technote R6112: Printing Unentered Records for related information in macOS.