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BZ938: Client & Server on One Mac Issues

Known Problem


This technote discusses potential issues related to running Helix Client and Helix Server on the same computer.

Although we do not recommend it, running Helix Client on the same machine as Helix Server is possible. Helix 6.0 and later support this transparently. Helix 5.x and earlier require a change to a resource; contact technical support if you need information related to Helix 5.x (or earlier).


Issues to be aware of when running Helix Client and Helix Server on the same computer.

Performance Issues
When the Helix Client is actively being used, processor time is devoted to the Helix Client application, making it unavailable for Helix Server. Consequently, the performance of Helix will suffer, affecting all connected Clients.
Working with a Saved Structure File

When logging into Helix Server via a saved structure file (recommended) an error is reported if the structure file has the exact same name as the collection itself. You can avoid this by using the default structure name, which has the file type .structure appended, or by renaming the structure file to avoid the conflict.

This error happens when both Helix Server and Helix Client attempt to create a temporary work file in the macOS temporary items folder using the name of the file being opened. If both the collection and the structure file have the same name, a conflict ensues.