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D682: Cached Lookups Inaccurate on Open Lists



In versions 4.x-5.x of Helix Client/Server, a rare combination of factors contribute to a bug that has proven to be very difficult to fix. Specifically, data on a list that derived from a lookup tile and the icon in the third (source) hole of the lookup tile contains a value that is reused — typically but not necessarily a constant used to link to a global or user relation.

In the release notes it was incorrectly stated that this problem began with Helix 5.0.2. In fact, this problem has been reported in various forms by users using various older versions and it is now believed that this problem was 'inherited' when our company acquired the code.

The typical result of this bug is that subsequent lines of a column in a list will suddenly begin repeating the value taken from the first line of that column. Often a direct connection between the source value of the first record and the records that erroneously repeat the data. This problem is only seen in Helix Client/Server and this has led us to the conclusion that the actual problem is that the Client is incorrectly displaying cached values instead of requesting the correct value for each record from the Server.

In the release notes for release 5.0.2 this problem was incorrectly described as "Lookups to Constant Data Inaccurate on Open Lists." Further exploration has helped us understand the problem better. This page is an attempt to document the problem and the current workarounds. The latest information on this bug will always be found here.


Upgrade to Helix 5.3 or later.

A number of work arounds for prior versions have been discovered. They are documented below to help you determine which one is the best to apply to your situation.

  • Replace the "Lookup value for constant = constant in relation ” with a “Max value for constant = constant in relation ” construction.
  • Open the collection with Helix RADE or Engine.
  • Close and reopen the list. (This does not always work.)
  • Make the form "cold" (uncheck the Keep Current option) and refresh the view (This does not always work.)

Helix Client/Server 4.5 through 5.2.1


This bug is correctly addressed in Helix 5.3.



A “Cold Form” (a view with Keep Current unchecked) will normally display this characteristic, since the specification for cold forms is that they do not update when data they depend upon changes. Selecting Refresh (or clicking the Cold Form Indicator) will cause the view to redraw, showing the updated information. Unfortunately, converting problematic views to cold forms and using this technique to update them does not always work either.