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R6857: macOS PowerPC Only: Externally stored documents can be deleted during export


The Problem

A serious bug has been discovered in the macOS PowerPC code* for Helix 6.1.4 & 6.1.5 that can cause externally stored documents to be deleted or damaged when using Document Management to export them.


When running version 6.1.4 or 6.1.5 of the macOS PowerPC code*, exporting externally stored documents can result in errors that result in the loss or corruption of the original documents. The errors occur under these conditions:

  1. If the original path of the document is the same as the export path, the document is deleted, and Helix reports either error -61 or -1411. At this point the original has been deleted and can not be recovered. Restoring your document from a backup is your only option.
  2. If the original path is different than the export path (i.e: exporting the documents to the "with control file" location), the document is exported correctly unless a document with the same name already exists at that location. In that case, Helix either reports a -1411 (errFSMissingName) error or creates a new file with a garbage name and deletes the file that already existed at this location. The new file (with the garbage name) is empty. Restoring from a backup is your only option.

* Running macOS PowerPC code means: running Helix Client for PowerPC, Helix Engine for PowerPC, or running the universal version of Helix Client or Helix Engine on a PowerPC Mac or on an Intel Mac with the Open in Rosetta option checked.


This bug exists in versions 6.1.4 – 6.1.5 of the macOS Client and Engine when running on PowerPC Macs.

This bug does not affect Universal Helix running on Intel Macs.


Fixed in version 6.1.6 of Helix Client and Engine.