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TS1965: Server on Intel-based Mac crashes when Client posts


The Problem

Helix Server 6.0.x running on an Intel-based Mac crashes when a Client does something that involves posting.

The bug actually occurs in the posting package that is created for the view itself when you select various post icons in the 4 action columns. These packages are created as part of the Compile Forms command.

Although debugging a crash in an application running through Rosetta on an Intel-based Mac is virtually impossible, a similar crash was observed in an isolated test here at QSA. Although we can not categorically link these two crashes, it is possible that the remedy described below will help with the Intel-based Mac crashes.

The Solution

Forcing Helix to rebuild the internally compiled posting package may eliminate the source of this crash:

  1. Open the collection in RADE -> Design Mode
  2. Open the view that is failing to post
  3. Switch the view to Show Setup mode
  4. Temporarily change the selection in either the query or index column.
  5. Reset it to the desired value and put the form back in Show Form mode.

This bug has been seen in Helix Server 6.0.x only.


This has been fixed in both the PowerPC and Intel native versions of Helix Server 6.1. Compiled forms have been done away with in Helix 6.1. The performance gain on modern hardware is negligible, and the added complexity of working with the pre-compiled data allows subtle bugs like this to creep into the code.