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TS2338: Helix crashes immediately when opening a collection

macOS Bug

The Problem

When trying to open a collection containing an HRFL resource, Helix can crash.


Delete the HRFL resource from the collection. It is obsolete and is no longer required for specifying the location of the recovery file in Helix 6.


The HRFL resource was designed to allow an end user to specify the volume on which to place the Helix recovery file. A Helix collection does not have an HRFL resource by default; it must be added by the end user.

Helix 6 replaces the HRFL resource with the HxShadowFilePaths preference, making the HRFL obsolete.

Even though an alternative now exists, the HRFL resource is still read and acted upon if it is found in a collection. The routine this code uses to test the specified hard disk(s) can not properly measure volumes with more than 2GB of free space, leading to crashes in semi-random situations.

You can read more about Helix 6 preferences on this page.


Special thanks go to Ken Wasenius for discovering this problem and working with us to isolate it.