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R6903: Copy/Cut Fails in Sequences

macOS Bug

The Problem

When a sequence includes the Copy or Cut command, macOS attempts to execute that step before the view is ready. As a result, the data to copy (or cut) is not available when the command is executed.


Until this bug is fixed, an easy workaround for this problem is to insert a Draw Screen command after any command in a sequence that causes a screen refresh. (E.g.: Find… commands, data entry, posting. — if you are uncertain, you can also insert the Draw Screen command before each Copy or Cut command.) Draw Screen tells Helix to explicitly fill in all of the data before going on to the next step. This forces macOS to wait until the data is ready before attempting the Copy or Cut step.


This bug is seen primarily in Helix 6.1.6, but has also been reported in prior versions.

This bug is fixed in Helix 6.1.7.

See Also

This technote that addresses the underlying issue in depth.


Special thanks go to Michael Albert and Raul Garcia for discovering this problem and working with us to isolate it.