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TS1607: Helix Collection Can’t Find Recovery File
The Problem

When trying to open a collection, a dialog says Helix could not find the recovery file. The collection passes through both utilities with no problems reported.

The Solution

The collection’s internal flag that tells it to require a recovery file must be reset. We have written a script that can reset this flag. However it is absolutely critical that the collection be checked (and passed) by both utilities before using this tool.

Download the appropriate script for your system: macOS Intel (10.6 & later) | macOS PPC (10.5 & earlier) | OS 9.x


This problem occurs if the computer freezes (or Helix crashes) at the end of a save. When data is saved in Helix, it is transferred from the recovery file to the collection, the collection file is saved, and then the recovery file is reset. If the collection passes both utilities, you can be confident that no data loss or structural damage will result from this situation.

Additional Information

In Helix 6.2.1 and later, scratch and recovery files are stored in the ~/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/ directory.

  • Scratch files begin with the name of the application followed by an underscore and then the collection name (e.g. Server_Accounting).
  • Recovery files begin with the word ‘Recover’ followed by an underscore and then the collection name (e.g. Recover_Accounting).

See also this (fixed) bug report.