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Abacus Format

It is often useful to concatenate the result of a calculation with text in order to display a string such as "Thank you for your business last month which totaled $2,769.00."

The dollar figure in the string is calculated using a Sub-Total tile:

In order for this subtotal to appear in a text string, it must be converted to text with a Text tile. As soon as the Sub-Total tile is placed in a Text tile, however, the Format button in the Abacus turns dim (text values cannot be formatted) and Helix RADE uses the default number format, which does not include any digits to the right of the decimal or any currency or groupings. The dollar amount would appear as "2769."

To format the number correctly, perform the subtotal in a separate Abacus and se the format within this Abacus:

Note: to format an Abacus, click on the Format button in the lower left corner of the Abacus pallette switch and make the proper selections. Then create another Abacus and drag out a Text tile within it. Click onthe Abacus switch and drag out the "Sub-Total" Abacus and place it in the Text tile. This Text tile can now be placed in a Followed by or Followed/or tile and its result will appear in a text string with the format selected in the original "Sub-Total" Abacus: