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Data Import

When you transfer data from a non-Macintosh computer into Helix, the information may not have field separators. Instead, it may have carriage returns separating the records and a fixed number of characters separating the Fields. To import data in a fixed-length format into a Helix Collection, follow these guidelines.

Create an entry form with one inert text field on it.

For each Field of data that will be imported, create one "Extraction" Abacus. Each "Extraction" Abacus should contain one Extract tile. If the "First Name" Field is contained in the first 10 characters of the text file, the "Extraction" Abacus would read as illustrated below:

If the "Last Name" Field is contained in the next 10 characters, the "Extraction" Abacus would read: Extract 11 through 20 from Inert Field.

Post all the "Extraction" Abacii to their corresponding Fields. Attach the Post icon to the entry form under the Data Entry column prior to importing the data.

If you wish, you may also convert the information into a format Helix will easily read before importing the file. Use a word processor, spreadsheet or text editor to find spaces and replace them with tabs. When you load the file into Helix, select Horizontal Tab as the Field separator.