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Generating Page Numbers in Groups

In various types of documents, it is useful--in fact, often a requirement--to be able to tell not only what the page number is, but where that page stands in the printout. In other words, it isn't enough to say it's "Page 4." It has to say "Page 4 of 7."

To calculate this, three pieces of data are required:

  1. What page it is on (known by virtue of the "P# is Page Number" function)
  2. How many items are in the list (known by using a Form Count tile)
  3. How many items are on each page (easily calculated, based on the layout of the list)

Given these three pieces of information, we generate the ‘total page count’ value we need.

Getting the Missing Value

After you have your page layout finished, you can determine the missing piece of data: the number of lines per page. Unless there are only a few records per page, visually counting them is potentially error prone. A better way to accomplish this is to select all the lines on a singe page and then choose the Delete Selections command (in Helix’s View menu when in Design Mode). The confirmation dialog will tell you how many records are selected, and therefore on a single page. (Be sure to click "Cancel" once you've gotten this information, unless you really want to delete those records.)


For this example, we’ve determined that our list allows 12 items per page. Now, build the following abaci:

Form Count

Form Count/# items on page

Integer of Form Count/# items on page.

1 (One) Number constant with value of 1.

Next, construct the Abacus shown below:


Once you have done this, the final step is to create the placement on the Template. First create a Label rectangle with "P#" in it and set it as "P# is Page Number" from the "check" menu. Set the rectangle to right alignment from the Style menu:

Next, create a left-aligned Data rectangle immediately to the right of the Label rectangle.and place the Abacus shown above inside it. Be sure both rectangles have the same font (i.e., typeface, size and style). The result will show you what you want: