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Range Validation

At times, you may need to validate on a range of variables. One way to do this is to create a validation so it falls within a certain, specified range would be to build an If-Then-Else statement:

a tile

Expanding the Idea

However, if the range ever needed to be changed, or if you wanted to test a number against a group of ranges, the "If-Then-Else" Abacus would have to be changed.

A better method would be to build a separate relation to store the ranges.

Create the Relation

Create a Range Relation containing two number Fields called "Lower" and "Upper." Create an entry View and type the appropriate ranges:

Create the Abaci

Then create a "0 or 1 Abacus and a "Total" Abacus:

"0 or 1" Abacus

"Total" Abacus

Test the Value

In the Relation where the input should be validated, create a validation Abacus (as shown below) and attach it to the Field you want to test.

a view

Validate the Field

Double-click on the Field, click the "Validate" button and select the validation Abacus.

Create an entry Template and a correspding View to test a number.

When you type in a number, the "0 or 1" Abacus decides if the number is within a range. The Number tile converts False to 0 and True to 1. If the value does not fall into the range, the validation will occur and a message of your choosing will appear when the user selects Why? under the Apple menu.