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Selecting Items in Tiles
2, 3, & 4 Hole Lookup Tiles

The "lookup" tiles (tiles that look to other records or relations, such as a Sub-Total, Lookup, & Use/From) require that you double-click on the tile itself or in the black holes in order to select the items you want.

Double-clicking the tile or any of the holes except the third hole (from the left) will open the "Specify Tile Contents" dialog:

There are three methods of selecting icons in the dialog:

  1. Click on the item
  2. Tab until the focus is on the desired column, then start typing the icon name until it is selected. (Helix matches whatever you have typed to the first icon that starts with those characters.)
  3. Tab until the focus is on the desired column, then use the up/down arrow keys to select the desired item.

Once the columns are all selected, there are three methods of dismissing the dialog:

  1. Click the OK button
  2. Press the Enter or Return key
  3. Double click on one of the selected icons

If you cancel the dialog (click the cancel button, press CMD-period, or the escape key) all of the changes made in the dialog are discarded.

The ‘Constant’ Dialog

Double-clicking the third hole (or clicking the ‘Constant’ button in the primary dialog) opens the ‘Edit Tile Constant Value’ dialog:

Static data can be typed or pasted into the Value field.

If you have a static value that goes in the Source Key hole, it is generally better to define that value in a separate abacus, then link to that abacus. Internally, it is no more efficient to type the value into the Constant dialog, and it is easier to maintain your code when the constant is supplied via an external abacus.