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Validate Specific Fields on Replace

According to The Helix Reference, "When using Replace to modify a record, validation is checked only on the modified Fields."

This specification can sometimes cause problems when validating a group of Fields. The following technique will allow validation of all Fields on Replace.


In this example, if each of the three Fields equal 1 then the validation should occur.

Create an inert Flag Field. Set the keyboard validation so the Field must equal True.

For those Fields that need to pass the validation, create a "Condition" Abacus. The Abacus should return a value of False for the Fields that should pass the validation and True if they should not pass.

If a Field is undefined, it should also pass the validation. Create an "Undefined" Abacus which returns a True value if undefined.

Place the "Undefined" Abacus in the same Data rectangle as the inert Flag Field.

When you Enter or Modify a record, the "Condition" Abacus will evaluate the Fields. When a False value is returned, the inert Flag Field's validation will occur.