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This technote is obsolete as of Helix 6.2. Helix 6.2 and later users should read the Registering, updating and running in demo mode for Helix 6.2 and later technote.
Enabling Helix Products
About Serial Numbers & Keys

Helix uses a Serial Number and Key (also referred to as a Registration Key) to enforce the licensing of Helix Products. Each Helix product is given a unique Serial Number, which is associated with your customer record, and your customer record alone.

When a Helix product is first purchased, a serial number and key is issued. When an upgrading is purchased, the same serial number is used, and a key that enables the new version is issued.

Demo keys for Helix products are available, providing limited-use options.

Enabling Helix Products

When a Helix product is first launched, the installation dialog is presented. To enable the product, enter the Serial Number and Key that matches both that product and that version. (For example: a Helix RADE 5.3 key can not be used to enable Helix Engine 6.1 or any other version of any Helix product.) Personalize the splash screen by entering your name, address, etc. and click OK (or press Option-Enter) to validate the key and proceed.

Tip: Although the Edit menu is not accessible when the installation dialog is open, the command key for pasting data from the clipboard is active. Since Keys are fairly long, it is often easier to copy the key to the clipboard and paste it into the key field using the Cmd-V keyboard shortcut.

Additional Information
Re-Accessing the Installation Dialog

Occasionally it is necessary to re-access the installation dialog to enter a new key, such as when increasing the Client license or when switching from a demo key to a permanent key.

To access the installation dialog after a product has been enabled, hold the Control key down while launching Helix. Note: if you launch Helix by double clicking an icon or from the Dock, holding the Control key down brings up a Contextual menu. If this happens, choose Open from the contextual menu, and continue to hold down the Control key. The installation dialog should appear. (If the splash screen appears instead, Quit the product and try again.)

Where Can I Find My Serial Number & Key?

The Serial Number & Key are printed on your invoice. If you received a paper or pdf invoice, the Serial Number appears in the line items section of the invoice, to the right of the Product Number. Just below that is the Key.

You can also find your Serial Number & Key by logging in to our web store and clicking on the Current Keys link at the top of the page. Each key's complete history, including all version updates, can be seen by clicking the Other Keys link.

Troubleshooting the Installation Process

If you have problems enabling your Helix product, check these troubleshooting tips. If none of these resolves your problem, please contact technical support.

  1. The most common problem comes from trying to use the for one product to enable another. Each Serial Number and Key pair goes with a particular Helix application and version. You cannot, for instance, use a Helix RADE key to enable Helix Server.

    The installation dialogs are virtually identical in design, but each one displays the name of the product along with the version number for the key it accepts. If a key is not working, double check to make sure it is the correct product and the correct version.

  2. Helix 6.1 for PowerPC products require Helix 6.0 keys, not Helix 6.1 keys. If you have Helix 6.1 keys, you should download and install the Universal Helix products on all of your macOS machines. The for PowerPC versions are made available specifically for customers who purchased Helix 6.0 and were promised a free upgrade to a macOS native product. The installation dialog for this special version states that it requires Helix 6.0 keys in the instructional paragraph.

  3. If you copied your Key to the clipboard (so you can paste it into the installation dialog) you may have inadvertently copied a return character at the end of the line. After pasting, look for the cursor immediately after the last character. If it is not there, press the delete key on your keyboard once; the cursor should appear. (If not, keep pressing delete until you see the cursor or characters start deleting.)

  4. If you are typing the Key, the letter I (Capital-I) and the number "1" (one) are treated identically, as are the letter "O" and the number "0" (zero), so it should not matter which you type. Internally, Helix converts those letters to the number 1 or 0, respectively, so if you are an exacting person, use the numbers 1 and 0 in those case.

  5. You may have multiple copies of Helix installed on your computer, and you are launching Helix by double clicking on a collection. This allows the Mac to choose any Helix application it wishes, and it may be not choosing the one you are expecting. Noting the application name and version shown in the installation dialog should resolve this potential confusion.

  6. You must enter the Serial Number, Key and something in at least one of the remaining lines. The information entered here is purely for personal reference and is not tied to the registration process.