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Database Issues: Backing Up
Make Backups!

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to back up your Collections in case they become damaged and unusable. Any medium with enough capacity to store your Collection will be sufficient.

When backing up, there are four rules to which you should strictly adhere:

  1. Back up every time you use your Collection
    This requires discipline but in case your application becomes damaged, it ensures that, at most, only one day's work will be lost.
  2. Keep backups for several days
    When backing up, you should use different disks for each day of the week. This way, if you encounter a bad disk, you are still insured against losing more than a day's work.
  3. Store a backup copy off-site
    At the end of each day, take that day's backup copy home with you and store it there. It a fire or natural disaster were to occur, you would be protected with a backup of your Collection.
  4. Check your Collection for damage
    Always check your Collection for damage at regular intervals using the Helix Utility and Helix Update Collection. Make sure to schedule backups and damage checks so that you always have a copy of your Collection which passes both these diagnotic tests.