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Creating Evaluation Applications

Before distributing evaluation copies of your Collections, you will probably want to limit the number of records a person can enter.


Create a "Record#" Field. This Field should have a Number data type and be inert:

Field Setup

To automatically keep track of the number of records entered, create an Abacus containing a Count tile:

Count Tile


Place both the "Record#" Field and the "Count" Abacus in the same Data rectangle on the entry form, and de-select "Allow Click," "Allow Edit," "Allow Tab" and "Allow Query" from the Check menu (once delselected, none of these options will have a check mark next to it when the Check menu is held down). Now the cursor will not move to this rectangle and it cannot be tampered with.


Validate the "Record#" Field to be "less than or equal to 30." Double-click on the "Record#" Field and click on the Validate button. Select the less-than-or-equal-to tile and type "30," or whatever limiting number you desire, into the box. You can then customize the Why? message. Click OK.

Validation Dialog

Repeat this procedure in each Relation in your Collection where you wish to limit the number of records entered.