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How Can I Easily Load a Bunch of Documents into Helix?
The problem

You want to import a batch of documents (or external document refernces) into Helix, but the prospect of processing each one individually through the file selection dialog is daunting.

Step by Step Solution
  1. Put all the docs together in a folder.
  2. Open the folder (in the Finder) and Select All
  3. Copy (copies the file names to the clipboard.)
  4. Open a text editor and paste the file names into a document.
  5. Save the document (as plain text) in the folder with the documents.
  6. In Helix, create a template with the document field as the first field on the view. Open the Load Options dialog and set the Document setting to "with control file" (The control file is the text file you just saved.)
  7. Load the text file into the view. Helix will look for a file in the same location as the text file with the same name as the 'record' being loaded. If found, that document will be loaded.

Note: You can also add other field data to the text file before loading - the data will load the same as it would with any plain text file.