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Open an Icon from Within Get Info

The Get Info feature is very useful when you do not know where a particular icon is being used.

For example, Helix RADE will not allow you to delete an icon if it is being used. To learn which other icons are using the selected icon, select the icon then select Get Info from the Icon menu, or hold down the Command key and double-click the icon. A dialog box will list the various icons which are using the selected icon.

From this dialog box, you may Open or Get Info on the icons, which are displayed in a list.

Opening Listed Icons

To open an icon in the list, either double-click its name or highlight it and select Open from the Icon menu (or press CMD-O).

Get Info on Listed Icons

To get information on an icon in the list, select the icon, then either select Get Info from the Icon menu (or press CMD-I), or hold down the Command key and double-click the name in the list.

Additional Notes

The Tab key rotates the focus of the Get Info window through the Custom Name, Comments, and Used By sections. When the focus is on the Used By section, you can type selection or the arrow keys to highlight specific icons.

Note that in versions 5.1 and later, listings such as the one above will indicate the location (i.e., name of Relation) of the icons using the selected icon in brackets. Within the brackets are the words "in" and the name of the Relation.

All methods of opening a Get Info dialog box or opening an icon work in most places where you can select an icon. The only place from which you cannot Get Info or Open an icon is from modal dialog boxes such as the Set Destination dialog in the Post icon or the Data rectangle dialog in the Template icon. [Note: A modal dialog is one that you must explicitly close before doing anything else.]