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Duplicating Records

It is often necessary to duplicate a record, or at least create a record with similar information as another record. Here's how to do it.

Create a "UserName" (Global) Relation containing one Field for each Field in the record you wish to duplicate, and one Field called "UserName." Create an Index for the "UserName" Field.

In the Relation where you want to duplicate records, create an inert flag-type Field and call it "Duplicate?" Place this inert flag Field on your entry form. Create an Abacus containing a UserName tile and create several "Lookup" Abacii to lookup each Field in the Global Relation, as in the example shown below:

Place the "Lookup" Abacii in the same data rectangles as their Fields on the entry form's Template. Create an Abacus containing an If-Then-Else tile and an Equals tile:

Create a Post to post the current record to the Global Relation and attach the Post to the entry form:

When you want to duplicate a record, located the source record, type "Yes" in the "Duplicate?" inert field, press the Enter key, then clear the form, modify the Fields as needed, and press Enter.