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Post On Export Notes
Event Order

Data can be posted during an export by attaching one or more post icons to the On Export column of the Show Posting setup window. When posting occurs On Export, the order of events is:

  1. Data is Exported
  2. Post occurs, updating records according to the post setup.

It is important to note that the exported data does not reflect the update caused by the post. If the updated data is to be part of the exported data, use Post All (with posts attached to the On Post column) to post the updates before exporting the data.

Record Locking

Because posting changes records, those records must be write locked to prevent another user (or view) from editing the records while the posting occurs. If a write locked record is encountered, an error occurs and the posting stops.

(We need to document precisely how this occurs: are all records locked before posting begins, or does posting begin, only to be interrupted if a locked record is encountered? Does an Apple event retrieve deviate from this rule?)

How Can On Export Be Triggered?

Posts attached to the On Export column are triggered when a user exports data from the view via the Export Form, Export All, Export Selection, and Export Ordered commands. In Helix 5.0 and later, they are also triggered by Apple event retrieve events. Other ‘export type&rsuo; actions, such as Copy Records, do not trigger On Export posting.