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Forcing the Order of Posts

There are times when a complicated posting operation can be made easier by controlling the posting order. The following instructions explain how to control the order of your posts.


Create a ‘Global’ relation. This relation should contain one field to store your key (more fields, for other purposes, can be here as well), a second text field to store your UserName with an index built on the "UserName" field for optimal performance.

In the Relation from which you wish to post, create a "UserName" Abacus and a Post to the "Global" Relation:

Attach this Post, along with any Posts which should occur first, to your entry form under the Data Entry column in the Posting view.

Create a ‘Please Wait’ view (a simple template containing a label rectangle with a message to let the user know an action is in process). This will appear on the screen briefly during the posting operation. Alternatively, you can attach your post to an invisible view. Then create a "Lookup" Abacus…

…and an Abacus Query…

Drag out a view icon and attach the new template and the abacus query. Attach any posts which should occur after the first posts are complete to the Data Entry column in the posting view.

Construct the following Sequence to post your record:

  1. Static Enter
  2. "Please Wait…" View (or invisible View)
  3. Find First
  4. Static Enter
  5. Close
  6. Original Entry View

Place this Sequence inside a Command rectangle on your original entry Template to create a button. When you wish to post the record, press this button. While this example uses only two levels of Posts, you may use more levels if you need to specify the posting order to a greater degree.