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Use Posting to Limit Records to a Specific User

In a relation where you want to limit access to records based on the user who entered the record, you can do this by using Option 0 posting in conjunction with an abacus query.

UserName Tile

Start by creating a "UserName" Field and a "UserName" Abacus.

Setup Posting

Next, create an Option 0 Post to post the "UserName" Abacus into the "UserName" field, using the "insert in a created or modified record" posting operator.

Attach this Post to your entry View. When Users enter records in this View, they also enter their UserNames, and it is possible to construct a Query to limit access to records which they have entered.

Restricting the View

Create a "UserName" abacus query to limit visibility of records to show only those belonging to the active user.

Attach the query to any view where you want to limit access to records. If you are using another type of query to check for other criteria, you can modify it to also take the "UserName" abacus into consideration. (e.g. in a Power Query, make this a Permanent selection.)