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Use Posting to Store Text in Upper Case

The following technique describes how to use to the Upper Case tile to store text in upper case. In this example, we want to store State abbreviations in upper case.


Create an inert Text field and give it a recognizable name ("I-State." in our example)

Create an "Upper Case" abacus containing this field.

Lookup the non-inert State field from a table:

Place both the "I-State" field and the "Lookup" abacus in the same Data rectangle on a template. This allows the real State field to be visible if a value has previously been entered. if the Data rectangle is blank, it is because no value has been stored in the field thus causing the Lookup to return an undefined value.

Attach an Option 0 post to the entry form to ensure that no matter what case the user enters in the State field, all values will be stored and displayed in upper case.