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Quick Query Options

There are three Quick Query options for Text Fields: "Starts with," "Contains" and "Is Found Within."

"Starts with" only looks for entries that start with the search string. Of the three Query options, this is the only type of query that is optimizable because Helix can use an Index on the Field to narrow the search.

Using the List below, a search on "keys" would not find any records since there are no records that start with "keys." If you were to search on "key," however, a record would be found.

The "Contains" option finds entries that contain the search string at any position. A search on "key" would match "key," "keyboards" or "monkey." "Contains" searches cannot be optimized. Nonetheless, they are very useful for finding information with fragments of information and perform acceptably well in Helix 5 and later to be useful in a practical sense.

"Is Found Within" finds records that are totally contained within the search string. "Keyboard" would find the entries "key" or "board" but not "keyboards" because the extra "s" is not found within the search string. This command is handy for searching for multiple items, such as several states. For example, "ilinwi" would find the abbreviations for Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.