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Selection and Display Modes

Post and View icons require the selection of groups of icons. Sometimes, it is difficult to see which icons are associated with other icons. Fortunately, these icons include a display feature which allows you to see how the icons are related.

Posting Triplets

The Posting Triplets section of the Post icon includes two modes: the selection mode and the display mode. When you select individual Fields and posting operators, you are in the selection mode:

If you wish to see all the icons being posted, click on the arrow above the middle Posting Operator column (or in the space below the last icon in the right-hand slot) and the Posting Triplets section will change into the display mode:

Show Selection-Subforms

The Show Selection view also has a selection mode and a display mode. When you attach Subforms to a Host form and select queries, indexes and links for the Subform, you are in the selection mode:

If you wish to use the display mode to see all the Subforms and their associated queries, indexes and links, click in the gray bar that separates the Host seciton from the Subform section to go into display mode: