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Sequence Dialog Options

Sequences automate certain functions of Helix, including Dialog Boxes. The "Show Dialogs" option in a Sequence lets the designer decide when Users will supply their own responses to various dialog boxes

If you chhose the Always button, the dialog boxes will always appear. The Optionally button only displays the dialog boxes when the Option key is held down while executing the Sequence. If you choose the Never button, the dialog will never appear.

If "Optionally" or "Never" are chosen, the Sequence must be run to choose the default responses. You may run the Sequence from a Command button, menu selection, or by pressing the Run button on the Sequence window itself. To set the diallog responses for "Optionally," simply hold down the Option key while launching the Sequence. To set the dialog responses for "Never," run the Sequence in the "Always" or "Optionally mode the first time, then change it back to "Never."