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Structure Only Copy of Collection

It is often helpful to have a copy of a Collection without data. There are three techniques to delete all the records in your Collection. Once you delete all the records, it is easy touse the Helix Utility to create a smaller structure-only copy of your Collection.

Method One

Create a list in each Relation. Do no attach queries or indices to the lists. Create a Sequence that opens and deletes each list. In the Sequence shown below, the line "•S.DAC" is an Optional Sequence with two commands:

  • Delete All
  • Close

The Sequences are set to Optional so the Sequence can be left to run without the user having to sit and click "OK" as each Relation is purged of all its data. Run the Sequence to delete the records in all your Relations.

Method Two

Pick one Relation to be the Relation from which you begin deleting records (the "Main" Relation). In the other Relations, create a Subform, a "True" Abacus (a Display tile with the letter "T" in it and set to Flag type) and an Index on the "True" Abacus. Place the Subforms on the Host Template. Draw a Repeat rectangle around all the Rectangles and Subforms. In the Selection View, attach the Subforms using the "True" Abacii as links. Open the form and select Delete All to delete all the records in the Host and Subform Relations. [A variation of this method is illustrated under "'Priming' a Delete Dialog in Design Mode."]

Method Three

In the Collection window, select all of your Relation, Users and Sequences and then select Duplicate from the Icon menu. Next select all of the original icons and throw them into the Trash Can. Delete the words "Copy of"" from the icons. You now have a structure-only copy of your Collection. If you decide to use this technique, the Collection will not get smaller--in, fact, in all likelihood, it will get larger.

To decrease the size of your Collection, after you delete all the records, make a backup copy of the Collection. Launch the Helix Utility, select Open from the File menu, and select a copy of the Collection. When the Helix Utility is finished reading the Collection, select Data Damage Check from the Tools menu. When it is finished analyzing the Collection, select Compress Collection from the Tools menu. When it is finished compressing the Collection, you will have a small structure-only copy of your Collection.

Note: Before you attempt any of these methods, be sure you have enough room on your hard drive to hold the comressed copy of the Collection and the original Collection.