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Custom Template Grids

When creating templates, it is occasionally desired to align rectangles without using the built-in grid feature. Since foreground rectangles cannot overlap, you can use them as guides.

To do this, place a border or label rectangle on the template as a guide for the other rectangles. If you wish to create a new rectangle, first create the rectangle, then use the Command-Arrow keys to move the rectangle until it is against the guide rectangles. The guide rectangles prevent you from moving the rectangle beyond the guides.

You can also use rectangles to maintain proper spacing between other rectangles. Simply create a rectangle to be used as a spacer and duplicate it as many times as you need. Place the spacer rectangles between the other rectangles.

Then move the rectangles using the Command-Arrow keys until the rectangles are aligned.

When you are finished, delete the guides and spacers. You can delete them all at once by selecting them (use Shift-Click to select more than one rectangle) and pressing Command-Delete.