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How to open a subform from a host template

When you are working on the template of a host ing form (i.e., a template containing a Subform template), and need to resize the Subform template, or an element in it, you can easily open the Subform template by double clicking on its line in the list of subforms on the left, or directly on its representation on the template.

The Subform template will open and you will be able to modify it as needed. Of course, you can not make the Subform template larger, if that would cause it to become too large to be contained on any of the host templates it is used on.

Important Note

If you make changes on a host template prior to opening a Subform in this manner, the Subform will not be "aware" of the changes until the host template has been saved. Templates are saved by selecting Save from the Icon menu or by typing "Command-E" while the template is open.

For example, if you want to enlarge a Subform, you may first need to make more room for it on the host template by enlarging that template, moving other rectangles, etc. If you forget to save these host template changes before attempting to modify the subform template, you will not be able to enlarge the Subform tempalte beyond the space previously available to it on the host template.

Also, keep in mind that because Subform templates can be used in multiple places, it may be another use of the Subform template that is preventing the resizing. If you are having trouble resizing a Subform template, Get Info on it (the fastest way is to double click on it in the template list on the left while holding the Command key down) and check for other places it is being used.