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Helix Engine
What is it?

Helix Engine for macOS is a tool designed to display the content of a Helix Collection in User Mode.

This property is shared by Helix RADE and Helix Client, but in Helix Engine, there is no access to Design Mode nor can the Collection be opened over a network, be it LAN or WAN.

Helix users with multiple single-user applications in place may use the Helix Engine as an economic alternative to having more than one copy of Helix RADE

What is included?

When you download the Helix Engine package, components include:

  • A copy of Helix Engine.
  • A copy of Helix Utility
Availability and Pricing

Helix Engine is available as part of the Helix Professional Designer Toolkit, or for separate purchase by anyone.

Log in to the QSA Web Store to purchase Helix Engine.