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Helix Client/Server Toolkit
What is it?

Helix Client/Server Toolkit for macOS is a Helix Server that provides unlimited access to a single user.

Comprised of Helix Server and Helix Client, these products allow any Helix Collection that is set up to operate in User Mode to run on a variety of network configurations.

Designed for workgroups from 2 to 200, the Client/Server model guarantees that every user has simultaneous access to the data, unlike file sharing, where each user must wait for the others to finish their work before even being able to see the data, no less edit it. Even so, Helix Server features built-in record locking, making sure two users can not edit the same record at the same time.

Helix Server is licensed for simultaneous access; that is, according to the number of Clients that will be accessing the collection at any given time. The Client application can be distributed without restriction, allowing access from any machine with internet access.

Dedicated server hardware is not required.

What does it do?

It works over the internet. This means that a Helix Client/Server Toolkit workgroup user can access his or her Helix Collection from anywhere in the house or office to anywhere in the world.

Helix Server keeps all your information in one location while you move around, working on a laptop, a machine at work, while your information is stored at home.

Components include:

  • A copy of Helix Server.
  • A copy of Helix Client
  • A copy of Helix Utility

The Helix Client/Server Toolkit is priced according to concurrent access (CA).

Log in to the QSA Web Store to purchase your Helix Client/Server Toolkit.

How it grows along with your needs

Should your needs expand to the point where more than one person needs to get at your information at the same time, you can always convert your Helix Personal Server to a Helix Workgroup Server by purchasing additional seats.