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Riding the Helix Express, 4th Edition



The classic user’s guide returns

Virtually every collection designer who ever ‘slung a tile’ back in the 1980s and 1990s owes a debt of gratitude to Jan Harrington for the books she wrote, explaining how to accomplish things in Helix.

Database Management with Double Helix II and its successor, Riding the Helix Express, were owned by all of us. Even if we didn’t think we needed a copy, we wanted one on our personal bookshelves. In the days before the internet, seeing one there reminded us that we were not alone in this wonderful and sometimes bewildering new world.

When Helix 6.2 was released, Jan updated the text and published the 3rd edition exclusively as a Kindle title, because by then, the cost of printing a book as large as Jan’s on demand became prohibitive. Plus, we live in a time where more and more reading is being done on devices instead of paper.

Riding the Helix Express, 4th Edition

Updated for Helix 7 and published as a PDF document, Riding the Helix Express, 4th Edition features updated tutorials on how to navigate this ‘iconic’ programming language. From the basics of creating a relation (and why you should do so!) through advanced topics such as document management and posting, and onward to deploying a stand-alone multi-user application, Riding the Helix Express, 4th Edition has something for everybody, whether you’re new to Helix or a seasoned pro.

Chapter Titles:

  1. A Non-Theoretical Introduction to Database Design
  2. Relational Database Design Theory
  3. Helix and Object-Oriented Designs
  4. Defining a Database
  5. Basic Data Entry Techniques
  6. The Basics of Data Retrieval
  7. Manipulating Data
  8. Handling Documents
  9. More Technicques for Data Entry and Retrieval
  10. Introducing Posting
  11. Graphics
  12. Introducing Sequences
  13. Conditional Techniques
  14. Custom Applications
  15. Client/Server Operations
  16. Managing Your Database

Sample Chapter

To give you an idea of the flavor of Riding the Helix Express, we’re making Chapter 10: Introducing Posting available free of charge. Click here to download Chapter 10.

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Riding the Helix Express, 4th Edition is available through the QSA ToolWorks web store for $30.00 USD. It’s under the ‘Helix Training’ popup on the ‘Order Product ➞ New’ page.

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