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Helix 6.1.10 Release Notes

Helix 6.1.10 is a targeted release, designed to address a few key issues reported in Helix 6.1.9. Consequently, the list of changes in Helix 6.1.10 is short. Click each section title to show or hide that portion of the Release Notes.

Helix 6.1.10 also includes some changes for macOS 10.7 (Lion) compatibility.

Items with an R-number correspond to a bug report that can be looked up in techdb.

Crashes with Client 6.1.10 (213) & (214)

Helix Client 6.1.10 (213) may crash when you attempt an operation that includes a picture.

Helix Client 6.1.10 (214) will crash when you use the AppleScript do menu command.

You can avoid both of these crashes by using Helix Client 6.1.10 (215) instead.

Bugs Fixed in 6.1.10 (213)
13 Jun 2012
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After the release of Helix 6.1.10 (211), two additional changes were made to address stability issues. If you are experiencing crashes with Helix Client/Server 6.1.10 (211) this update may resolve them.

Client/Server Fixes

  • Add mutexes to make some code thread safe. (212)
  • Client can no longer reuse a Server session. (212)
  • Disable inactive Bonjour code. (212)
  • Fix invalid CGContext used when rendering pictures larger than 32K. (213)
Bugs Fixed in 6.1.10 (211)
22 Nov 2011

The following bugs have been specifically addressed.

Server Specific Fixes

  • R7240, R7241: Resolve 5517 crashes, particularly when accessing views with documents.
  • R6473: Steps were taken to avoid a rare bug that causes the "Save Changes before Quitting" dialog to be skipped.

Client/Engine Fixes

  • R6674: Forms without fields now show the pointing finger cursor when hovering over buttons.
  • R7108: Implement workaround for 10.6 & 10.7 only text alignment bug that affects popups that allows typing and have Word Wrap turned off.
  • Improve alignment and placement of combo box elements vis a vis other rectangles.
  • R7136: Avoid crash that occurs when a view containing a subform that shares a query with other views is pasted into a collection but is never opened, and the query is subsequently changed.
  • Form and Power Queries should be less crash-prone in general.
  • R7234: Because the Toolbar widget is non-existent in Lion, a new Show/Hide Toolbar command is added to the Edit menu.
  • R7216: Dynamic Popups no longer crash when content is taken from a Document name that is undefined.
  • R7223: Previewing a rotated image no longer crashes. (No image is shown.)
  • R7250: Steps were taken to avoid a situation where sequences fail immediately after launch.
  • The GetUseFontReduction() preference is now active. You can turn font reduction off entirely by setting HxUseFontReduction to false.

RADE (Classic) Fixes

  • R7279: "When invalid..." controls for button options are now always shown in Classic RADE

    When a control abacus is selected for a command rectangle, a When Invalid… setting is revealed, giving the designer an option to Make Button Invisible (instead of the normal dimmed button. If the control abacus was subsequently removed after choosing the Make Button Invisible option, those settings would disappear, and even though the setting was retained internally, they had no effect in Classic Helix. (That is, the button would revert to ‘dimmed’ behavior.)

    In macOS, Helix changes this specification, and honors the Make Button Invisible setting regardless of whether there is a control abacus. This made it necessary to change RADE so that it shows those controls in all circumstances.

    Note: the appearance of disabled buttons is not changed in Classic RADE or Client. The only change is to make Design Mode conform to the spec change that appears in Helix 6.2. (This also conforms with how the controls work in RADE 6.2 via AppleScript.)

  • Change User Editor terminology to match Europa (Helix 6.2) for Primary and Secondary Users. See this page for more information.
Known Problems

Most of these reports affect only a very small subset of customers. Nonetheless, this is a complete list of problems that have been reported and confirmed in at least one situation. Workarounds, where they exist, are found in the techdb discussion related to the R-number shown.

Interface (Client and Engine) Specific

  • Conditional color is lost on subform when entry view has Quick Query (R705)
  • Dragging text from source to target fails unless you tab out of the target field (R741)
  • Reading Transactions from Logfile does not report modified records (R746)
  • Post all can become very slow with thousands of records (R749)
  • The Delete Records confirmation dialog is Classic style (R6115)
  • Starting Page #... dialog: is Classic style (R6116)
  • Disabled Color menu contains the text "Black" (R6125)
  • Rectangles do not show frame when placed over background rectangle (R6135)
  • Label Rectangles frame color is not supported (R6147)
  • Focus highlight missing, or multiple (R6152)
  • Pasted graphics in label rectangles can look strange (R6163)
  • User Authentication window too narrow (R6197)
  • Color (and Other Preferences) customization at collection level needed (R6226)
  • Logfile is Missing or Damaged dialog is Classic style (R6232)
  • Click and drag selection on selectable lists is not implemented (R6277)
  • Logfile recovery dialog appears on second monitor (R6298)
  • User Log in dialog does not sort alphabetically (R6302)
  • Color shift at different border rectangle depths (R6388)
  • Page Setup is not retained between launches (R6405)
  • Intel products not compatible with 10.4.x (Tiger) (R6452)
  • All document icons are generic (R6482)
  • Performance issues with importing/deleting large data sets (R6499)
  • Max + 1 and Post All does not update for each record (R6552)
  • Styled Text fields do not accept style changes in combo box rects (R6573)
  • Conditional Style fails on subform with quick query (R6574)
  • Combo box: CR vs LF confusion (R6619)
  • Printing in "optional" sequence fails (R6642)
  • Lookup referenced via Use-From must be on template that references abacus with Use-From (R6647)
  • Clear key does not work with macOS (R6707)
  • Power Query window loses focus, can't regain (R6769)
  • Scroll wheel fails when scrollable field has focus (R6771)
  • Drag 'n' dropped text disappears from "Add to Discussion" (R6774)
  • Power Query window doesn't show scroll bars when too tall (R6790)
  • Changing an index redraws the list two times (R6840)
  • Progress Dialogs Display Prior Dialog Text Before Displaying Current Dialog Text (R6881)
  • Apple event: do menu fails with 290 error when it should not (R6947)

Client/Server Specific

  • Server with HRFL crashes on launch when volume is greater than 2GB (R675)
  • Intel Server does not recognize machine-specifications and more (R677)
  • Client crashes when creating a new structure with name greater than 31 characters (R720)
  • Classic Client write locks modified record (when replaced via Command W) (R724)
  • Accessing Documents on Server can fail (R745)
  • Open Why-Message on Helix Server blocks Client communications (R761)
  • Server crash during buffer load (R6556)
  • intel client does not recognize structure file with long name (R6585)
  • Export All w/Delete on Post skips records, repeats some in text file (R6644)
  • Server gets bogged down and unresponsive sometimes (R6686)
  • Editing Users via Client is not always registered (R6738)
  • External documents are not handled properly: Client can not retrieve (R6779)
  • Clients can't reconnect after (brief) network outage (R6804)
  • Client should not quit just because it can't reconnect (R6818)
  • Text typed into Quick Query box extremely slow on WAN (R6822)
  • Memory leak when Client is disconnected (R6884)
  • Sequence causes server crash when posting thousands of records (R6951)

RADE (Classic) Specific

  • In the template Command Shift E is attached two times (R708)
  • Clippings menu dims after user mode switch (R6228)
  • Command/Text Rect. color alteration UI discrepancy (R6372)
  • Deleting a field formerly used in an abacus used by a query damages collection (R6461)
  • Unexpected look up failure on modification of target key abacus (R6468)
  • Modifying picture > 64K (in label or command rectangle) via dialog corrupts collection (R6512)
  • Double nested background rect inside 2 border rects can be troublesome (R6566)
  • RADE crash on View/Sort Order with View Setup (R6607)
  • Error in Custom Format of Flag Field (R6626)
  • Repeating "Why" indicator (R6693)
  • Identical structure behaves differently if created from two different routes (R6739)
  • Reproducible 36/ error using pasted structure (R6766)
  • Reproducible 36xx error after deleting one or two unused icons (R6849)
  • Field icons with stray RXFM objects (R6851)

Older Known Problems w/Documentation

  • Full Keyboard Access Not Implemented & Tab Field in Sequences

    Because Full Keyboard Access is not yet fully implemented, sequences that rely on tab field commands that move through popup menu, checkbox, and radio button fields may fail. When you launch a Helix application, a dialog box warns you if Full Keyboard Access is turned on. See this technote for more information.

    Non-text fields (popups, checkboxes, radio buttons) ignore the Allow Tab option, and must be set via mouse click.

  • Font Issues

    Certain fonts (Helvetica is a prime example) are available in multiple versions (bitmap, TrueType, PostScript, dfont, etc.) and the translation from one to the other can sometimes result in display issue. Make sure you do not have multiple versions of a font installed. (Apple’s Font Book application can show you where duplicates exists.)

  • Styled Text and the Font Panel

    The current implementation of the font panel in Helix has a number of problems.

    • The font panel is modal: you must open the panel, choose your font/size/color, then close the panel to continue editing the record. You can't simply leave it open and edit like you can in other macOS applications.
    • You must type some text in the styled text field before opening the font panel. After typing, select the text you want to change, then open the font panel and make your changes.
    • The style changes being made are not always seen in the field being edited. Changing the size of the styled text updates both the font and size. Changing the font does not update the field until the font panel is closed, the size is changed, or the color panel is opened.
    • Changing the color of styled text updates the color when the color panel is closed.
    • After you have set the style of some text, that style is applied to all additional text typed in that field. That style is not retained when tabbing to another styled text field: the default style for that field is used.
    • When typing in a new record, the last color that was viewed in each styled text field is retained, but the last font and size are not.
    • Some fonts simply do not register when selected. The failing font list varies from computer to computer.
    • Fonts with multiple typefaces are not always applied as expected.
  • Word Wrap Always On When Text Is Not Left Aligned

    If a data rectangle has Word Wrap turned off and Center or Right alignment, the data rectangle appears to be empty.

    This problem is caused by a limitation in macOS, so until Apple addresses it, we must work around it.

    The workaround: In Helix, a rectangle with Word Wrap turned off and Right or Center alignment respects the alignment and turns Word Wrap on, regardless of the user specification.

    Apple claims to have fixed this bug in macOS 10.6, but our testing does not confirms this, so we can not yet reactivate this feature in Helix.

  • Popup Menu Resizing Always On (BZ#538)

    Popup menus always resize to show the data, overriding the Allow Menu to Resize to Data attribute when it is off.

Disabled Features

Three features available in Classic Helix are disabled in macOS, and will remain so for the indefinite future.

  1. Work On Document: the Document Management command that enables you to edit internally stored documents and automatically bring them back into Helix is disabled in macOS. The Classic model simply does not work in macOS and we plan on introducing an all-new model in a future release.
  2. Work On Copy: the Document Management command that enables you to edit externally stored documents and automatically bring updated references back into Helix is disabled in macOS. The Classic model simply does not work in macOS and we plan on introducing an all-new model in a future release.
  3. Export Ordered: This feature was an ill-advised addition to Helix 5.0 and has not been widely used. We have chosen not to implement this feature in macOS. A new interface, providing greater exporting options, is planned for a future release.

All of these features can be replicated (with extra code) in macOS.

Specification Changes

Outlines specification changes made during the transition from Classic to macOS. (Opens a separate page.)


Outlines behavioral differences between Helix in Classic and macOS. Similar to specification changes. (Opens a separate page.)

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