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Helix 6.1.11 Release Notes

Helix 6.1.11 is a targeted release, designed to address a few specific issues in Helix Client/Server 6.1.10. Consequently, the list of changes is short.

Items with an R-number correspond to a bug report that can be looked up in techdb.

Fixes and Features in 6.1.11 (222)
December 31 2012
  • New Feature: Negative Offset

    Helix Client now supports the negative offset feature of the Extract tile. This is a feature that was intended for Helix 6.2, but we accidentally included the code in Classic Helix RADE 6.1.8 and later. Helix Client is now able to take advantage of this new capability.

    This feature works just as it does in AppleScript and other programming languages: when a negative offset is provided, it is counted from the right end of the string. In other words, if character 1 is the first character in the string counting from the left, then character -1 is the first character in the string counting from the right. Character -2 is the second character from the right, character -3 is the third from the right, and so on.

    One example: Extract -4 thru -1 from Zip Code extracts the last 4 characters, which would be the "+4" portion of a US zip code.

  • R0764: Client stalls when initiating a sequence

    Resolved an uninitialized session variable that was the culprit. Also fixed another possibility (remote) that a message reply could get lost causing the Client to stall and require a force quit.

  • R6918: “Change Message Storm” triggers multiple redraws, particularly in popups, subforms

    Events such as Post Every, Post All, Delete All, (any … All operations) can generate hundreds or thousands of changes to the records in a database. For example, a view entry with an attached Post Every that matches 1,000 records in the target relation will generate 1,000 “change messages” that must be handled by the Client. Each of these may take several seconds to process over a WAN connection, causing the operation to take minutes to complete.

    The solution is to defer the rebuilding of forms while additional change messages are being received, thereby reducing the amount of time to process each change record to the bare minimum. The result is significantly better performance in the cases where a Change Message Storm was at fault.

Known Problems

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Disabled Features

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Specification Changes

Outlines specification changes made during the transition from Classic to macOS. (Opens a separate page.)


Outlines behavioral differences between Helix in Classic and macOS. Similar to specification changes. (Opens a separate page.)

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