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Bug Fixes in Helix 6.1.4
Bugs fixed in 6.1.4 since the 6.1.3 Preview Release

These are problems that are either new to this release or were never documented before. They are grouped by category, sorted by approximate subcategory and importance.

Because of the length of this list, only the summary is presented. If you have questions about an entry, please notify technical support and we will expand the description.

Because these summaries are taken directly from the reports filed by engineers and testers, the wording varies significantly. Regardless of wording, all of these bugs have been fixed.

The "R#" or "BZ#" refers to the bug’s entry in our internal bug tracking systems.

Application Level Fixes

Quit from the Dock while a dialog is open fails. (R#6175)

Helix collections/structures appear in Finder with generic icon. (BZ#1115)

The busy indicator now draws much cleaner, and in the center of the busy window instead of the upper left corner where it appeared before.

Fixed window minimum and maximum size code so that it works better.

Fixed wxWidgets "foreign" control processing so that it actually works.

All dialogs now properly highlight the default button. (Some were still outlining the default button as was the rule in Classic.)

All dialogs are now drawn as soon as they become visible, rather than waiting for macOS to notice they need to be drawn, since macOS often misses the first draw.

The Help menu works again. (BZ#1132/BZ#934)

Disabled the “Don’t Deactivate” code by never setting dontDeac to be true. We believe the macOS code can function reliably without it, but if weird things start to happen when dialogs close, we can re-enable it.

Changed the implementation of the Pause command so that it uses fewer CPU cycles.

Fixed mouse wheel scroll failure in specific instances. (R#6611/BZ#1111)

All visual bugs in the Collection Info, Server Info, and Client Info windows have been resolved.

Shortened tab names in the Collection Info, Server Info, and Client Info windows by removing the redundant text “Info” from every tab.

Fixed bug that caused Save As… to go into an infinite loop when copying the log file. (BZ#534)

Printing Fixes

Incomplete set or wrong pages were being printed. (R#6615/BZ#1118)

Plain text field frames were failing to print. (BR#706/BZ#1128)

Printing n pages resulted in n*n pages printed. (R#6537/BZ#1120)

Values shown in popup menus did not print. (BR#710/BZ#1129)

Framed repeat rectangles were printed at 0% opacity, making them invisible.

See the What’s New section for changes to the width of printed lines.

Sequence Fixes

A sequence could hang after opening a view. (R#6612/BZ#1123)

A sequence would crash when posted value found no matching records (R#6622/BZ#1126)

The Terminate this sequence dialog was having problems drawing completely. (BZ#615)

Added an internal code option to the sequence activity dialog. The variable showSteps controls if the progress through the sequence is reflected in the progress bar, vs simply showing an indeterminate progress bar. The variable showStepNames controls if the name of each command is displayed in the sequence activity dialog. For now, showSteps is true and showStepNames is false, but these could also be made into user preferences if we get enough requests.

View Fixes

Control elements (radio buttons, checkboxes) are no longer selectable when editing is disabled. (R#6618/BZ#1124)

List selection is now cleared when a record is removed from the list. (R#6627/BZ#1127)

Fix the code so that buttons activated by using a Command key provide visual feedback, i.e: they flash.

Fixed a crash when deactivating a list under certain circumstances.

Views open faster in some situations.

Fix Tab command menu enabling and processing to “just do it,” but only if the field being tabbed out of passes the validation criteria.

Don’t set the validation error message if we are not validating fields; e.g., when clearing a form or closing a window. (R#6610/BZ#1113)

The 16 pixels at the left of the bottom scroll bar, where the “refresh” button appears in Classic Helix, is now used by the scroll bar.

Views scroll more consistently when using a scroll wheel on a list.

Helix now ignores scroll wheel events while the mouse is held down on a list.

Fixed a crash when closing a list with the toolbar open. (R#6652/BZ#1146)

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused incorrect Export Selection output. (R#6355/BZ#1002)

Subform Fixes

A view with a subform could clear the data a user was entering on the host form if the subform was redrawn. (BZ#1094)

Popup Menu Fixes

Remaining instances of Carriage Return (CR) vs Linefeed (LF) confusion have been addressed. To maintain Classic compatibility, Helix uses CR for all internal storage of New Line characters. A bug in previous macOS Preview Releases could result in some data being stored with LF characters instead, particularly in popup menus that allow typing (aka: combo box fields). Because of this bug data containing return characters entered into combo box fields in previous Preview Releases may contain the wrong line delimiter. Editing such a field in Helix 6.1.4 causes it to convert the LFs to CRs. (R#6619/BZ#1125)

Focus was being lost after a combo box selection. (BZ#1140)

Note: When a combo box is disabled (i.e: Allow Edit is off) only the popup is disabled. The text field is always enabled. If you want a non-editable combo box, use a text field instead.

Changed combo boxes and popups to show all of the lines of each item on a single line.

Changed popups that do not allow typing to only show the first line of the selected item after the menu choice is made. (However, the whole field value is stored.)

Fixed a bug that limited the return value of a dynamic popup that allows typing (aka: combo box) to 250 characters. (R#6664/BZ#1150)

Quick Query Fixes

The Quick Query command is now enabled if there are any query-able fields in the view, whether such a field currently has focus or not. (BZ#1112)

The Quick Query command is now disabled on lists that contain outer abaci. (R#6663/BZ#1148)

A Locked Quick Query only has one field in the field popup (if it is locked on) or never appears (if it is locked off). (BZ#1112)

A Locked Quick Query can no longer be cleared, and the “toolbar disclosure button” no longer appears. (BZ#1112)

A Quick Query that queries a field that is not on the form, but is not a Locked Quick Query is identified as a “Broken Quick Query” when it first appears. (BZ#1112)

Form Query Issues

No changes.

Document Field Fixes

Most of the Document Management commands now work. See the What’s New section for details.

Export no longer fails when the document path can not be resolved. (BZ#996)

Orphaned files are now saved in a (new) Documents folder during Export, with a preference setting to identify Orphaned Documents folder. (See What’s New page for more info.)

Transfer Original was failing to update reference data. (BZ#1009)

Document fields now properly disable irrelevant Edit menu commands.

Helix now uses system APIs to copy and move files.

Directory tests are more robust.

Helix now uses macOS alerts for document errors.

Helix now allows a document to be dragged into a document field if the document field is formatted for external storage.

Update Document was failing to prompt the user when a document could not be not found. This has been fixed. (BZ#250)

Fixed an ancient bug that caused Update Document to corrupt indexes containing the document path if the document had moved. (BZ#250)

Most of the code that accesses document files is now using the more modern FSRefs rather than the ancient FSSpecs. However, the information about the file (fork sizes, modification dates, etc.) is still accessed using FSSpecs because the data format used by the newer method is different, and Classic compatibility requires that Helix continue to store reference data using the older format.

See the What’s New section for more changes in Document Management.

Picture Field Fixes

Picture fields with Scale Picture turned off now have scroll bars. (BZ#687)

Posting Fixes

No changes.

Styled Text (& Font Panel) Field Fixes

Default style for a rectangle containing a Styled Text field is no longer ignored. (R#6601/BZ#1116)

Conditional Style fails on subform with quick query. (R#6574/BZ#185)

Client/Server Only

The Username was not being set correctly in a collection containing a single user with no password. (BZ#1135)

The Username was being cleared on a Client by Quick Query, causing the Username to display as “Server” when finding records on a queried entry view. (BR#703/R#6628/BZ#1135)

The Username could be set incorrectly if a user attempted to switch to a different user but failed because they did not enter the correct password.

Fixed a bug that caused a Client that is currently logging in to not appear in Client Info window.

Fixed a random crash that could occur when macOS delivers an activate event on the wrong thread (and out of order).

The process of deleting internal lists now moves to a different thread when necessary. This avoids issues where the process was getting out-of-sync.

Buttons on a view automatically opened when logging in are now enabled. (R#6603/BZ#1122)

Instances of Client typing being too slow on views with buttons present are fixed. (R#6617/BZ#1138)

Instances of abaci that use a Form tile not being updated on Client subforms have been addressed. (BZ#1141)

Fixed several Client & Server memory leaks and memory mismanagement issues.

Delete All on Client was occasionally missing a record. (R#6636/BZ#1139)

The code to determine a Document’s path no longer makes a round trip on the network during data entry. It contained too much information based on the local file system to be of real use and was adding unnecessary network traffic.

Client Information window no longer grows taller and taller. (BZ#834)

Classic Client Fixes

No specific fixes.