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Known Problems in Helix 6.1.4
Documented Known Problems

These are problems that are either new to this release or existed before. (New items are marked in green.) They are grouped by category, sorted by approximate subcategory and importance.

Because of the length of this list, only the summary is presented. If you have questions about an entry, please notify technical support and we will expend the description.

The "BR#" refers to the bug's entry in the techdb bug tracking system. (You can log in to techdb to see the current status of BR bugs.) The "R#" or "BZ#" refers to the bug's entry in our internal bug tracking system. (There is no place to log in to see the status of these.)

Application Issues

Helix on Intel fails under macOS 10.4 (BZ#1004)

User log in dialog is not sorted alphabetically (R#6302)

Helix does not handle long macOS file names (BZ#224)

Invalid menu items are never disabled when placed in the Application menu (BZ#805)

User can only launch Helix if it was installed while logged in as that user (R#6620)

Preferences dialog does not allow typing (BZ#851)

Performance Issues

Long lists can be slow (BZ#1018)

Forms with subforms can be slow (BZ#1018)

Scrolling is slow on views with hundreds of rectangles (R#6340)

Printing Issues

Page Setup choices are not retained between launches (R6405)

"All" button is ignored, "From" and "To" are always used

Document Management Issues

Data entry/display for document data type uses generic icons (BZ#527)

Work On Document & Work On Copy must be revised (BZ#4)

View Issues

Click and drag fails for selectable lists (BZ#459)

Refresh button is missing (BZ#882)

Invalid & Default shading is too persistent (BZ#781/BZ#1068)

Lists do not build asynchronously (BZ#437)

Preference to specify log file directory doesn't work (BZ#315)

Form Cold/Hot indicator absent from forms (BZ#434)

"Allow menu to resize to data" option ignored (BZ#538)

Sort Order, Quick Query are unavailable for plain view type (BZ#776)

Import options dialog does not indicate when "form controlled" (BZ#523)

Paste Records sometimes fails (BZ#473)

Sequence Issues

Putting Helix in background during sequence can clear entry views (R#6535)

Styled Text Issues

Styled Text fields in combo box (popup) rectangles do not store style changes (R#6573)

Styled text can lose the italic attribute (BZ#821)

Shadow and Outline styles are not supported in macOS (BZ#377)

Font/Style panel is quirky (BZ#536)

Font/Style panel has buttons that are not used in Helix (BZ#823)

Incomplete Features

Some dialogs (e.g. Delete Records, Starting Page #) are not updated for macOS (BZ#706)

Some user editable preferences are ignored (R#6616)

Cosmetic Issues

Command rectangles containing pictures always have a frame (BZ#875)

Underlined fields are not underlined when empty (BZ#510)

Rectangles do not show frame when placed over a background rectangle (BZ#765)

Label Rectangles not properly framed (R#6147)

Label rectangles containing graphics may not appear as expected (R#6163)

Background color does not fill a list data rectangle completely (R#6571)

Focus ring leaves trail or is missing (R#6152)

Classic "color" menu contains the text "Black" (R#6125)

Font Metrics Disregarded (R#6188)

Various dialogs appear on secondary display (R#6298)

Color shifts in group boxes over views with non-standard background color (R#6388)

Old Helix Bugs

Max + 1 and Post All does not update for each record (R#6552)

Record reverts if not entered before printing (Post On Print issue) (BZ#1121)

Option 4 Posting bug in Find and Print All (BZ#740)

Record display in background views don't update when they become invalid (BZ#1037)

Record display in background views doesn't update when conditional style changes (BZ#1038)

chMidnight dependency is not working (BZ#104)

Adding infinity to a date crashes (BZ#332)

Apple event store with styled text quietly fails (BZ#359)

Apple event selector 112 "Store Records" doesn't respect "On Error" Settings (BZ#508)

Apple events ignore View Menu Permissions settings (BZ#205)

Client/Server Only Issues

6507 error when working "too fast" (BZ#939)

Server response poor while "Shut Down Server" dialog is open (BZ#941)

"Save Changes before Quitting" window is sometimes skipped (Server only) (BZ#1055)

Fragile Indexes are not destroyed when they become invalid (This is an old bug) (BZ#265)

Pressing CMD-V in launched Client activates Paste instead of Visit (BZ#980)

Client does not recognize structure file with long name (R#6585)

Client deletes structure when Server is not found (BZ#989)

Previously Documented Known Problems
Full Keyboard Access Not Implemented & Tab Field in Sequences

Because Full Keyboard Access is not yet fully implemented, sequences that rely on tab field commands that move through popup menu, checkbox, and radio button fields will fail.

When you launch a Helix application, a dialog box warns you if Full Keyboard Access is turned on. See this technote for more information.

Tabbing into non-text fields

Non-text fields (popups, checkboxes, radio buttons) ignore the Allow Tab option, and must be set via mouse click.

The macOS preference that allows control elements to obtain focus (Full Keyboard Access) is currently ignored.

Font Issues (Helvetica Trauma)

Certain fonts (Helvetica is a prime example) are available in multiple versions (bitmap, TrueType, PostScript, dfont, etc.) and the translation from one to the other sometimes goes very badly. If this is happening to you, make sure you do not have multiple versions of that font installed. (Apple’s Font Book application can show you where duplicates exists.)

Lists are not asynchronous

When you open a list in Classic, the window immediately opens, then there is a delay while the contents are gathered. In the case of asynchronous lists, you can do other things while waiting for the list to complete.

In macOS, the window does not open until the contents are ready to be displayed. In the case of lists that should be asynchronous (defined as any list without summary tiles outside the repeat rectangle), nothing can be done until the list is complete and the window opened.

Styled Text and the Font Panel

The current implementation of the font panel in Helix has a number of problems.

  • The font panel is modal: you must open the panel, choose your font/size/color, then close the panel to continue editing the record. You can't simply leave it open and edit like you can in other macOS applications.
  • You must type some text in the styled text field before opening the font panel. After typing, select the text you want to change, then open the font panel and make your changes.
  • The style changes being made are not always seen in the field being edited. Changing the size of the styled text updates both the font and size. Changing the font does not update the field until the font panel is closed, the size is changed, or the color panel is opened.
  • Changing the color of styled text updates the color when the color panel is closed.
  • After you have set the style of some text, that style is applied to all additional text typed in that field. That style is not retained when tabbing to another styled text field: the default style for that field is used.
  • When typing in a new record, the last color that was viewed in each styled text field is retained, but the last font and size are not.
  • Some fonts simply do not register when selected. The failing font list varies from computer to computer.
  • Fonts with multiple typefaces are not always applied as expected.
Word Wrap Always On When Text Is Not Left Aligned

If a data rectangle has Word Wrap turned off and Center or Right alignment, the data rectangle appears to be empty.

This problem is caused by a limitation in macOS, and until Apple addresses it, we must work around it.

The workaround: In macOS, a rectangle with Word Wrap turned off and Right or Center alignment respects the alignment and turns Word Wrap on, regardless of the user specification.

Apple claims to have fixed this bug in macOS 10.6, but our testing does not confims this, so we can not yet reactivate this feature in Helix.

Popup Menu Resizing Always On

The Allow Menu to Resize to Data attribute is ignored: popup menus always resize.