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Bug Fixes in Helix 6.1.5
Bugs fixed in 6.1.5 since the 6.1.4 Preview Release

This is a list of bugs fixed in this release, grouped by category and sorted by approximate importance.

Because of the length of this list, only the summary is presented. If you have questions about an entry, please notify technical support and we will expand the description.

Because these summaries are taken directly from the reports filed by engineers and testers, the wording varies significantly. Regardless of wording, all of these bugs have been fixed. In particluar, please note that the original reports are worded as though the bug is a 'present tense' issue — they were when the reports were submitted — but should be read as past tense, as they are now fixed.

The "R#" or "BZ#" refers to the bug’s entry in our internal bug tracking systems; when inquiring about one of these items, please include a reference to the tracking number.

Application Level Fixes

Delete All/Delete Selections only does subset when in background (R#6735)

Various crashes when operating in background (R#6694, 6695)

Various crashes when opening views (R#6713)

Assorted random crashes (R#6683, 6699, 6708, 6725)

Clicking in Apple event info window crashes server (R#6729)

Apple event OneTimeStore crash (R#6687)

AppleScript Do Menu command crash (R#6677)

Fonts in lists are too small (R#6712)

File system errors were being displayed as positive numbers, but they are typically negative, (e.g -43: file not found)

Various messages are reported with Classic dialog (R#6733)

Printing Fixes

Refinements to the high-resolution printing code introduced in Helix 6.1.3 result in output that is more consistent with the designer's intent. Printing accuracy has been further refined in 6.1.5, resulting in output that more closely matches that of Classic Helix products. See the "What's New" page for specific changes.

Sequence Fixes

Multple reports of crashes running sequences (R#6612, 6681, 6706)

View Fixes

Framed checkboxes do not draw frame (screen and print)

Random crashes during View opening (R#6720)

Crash on entry of document (R#6698)

Dragging a document from Finder to a View crashes (R#6698)

Document management can crash when document names have high ASCII characters (R#6722)

Entering post with AutoOpen form clears originating list display (R#6668)

Import leaves view in wrong state if last record has no final delimiter (R#6732)

Import/Export errors are reported with Classic dialog (R#6733)