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Non-Functional Features in Helix 6.1.5
Advanced Document Management

Document management features that allow you to import, export, and preview documents are functional. Version 6.1.4 adds Open Original, Open Copy, Print Document & Transfer Orignal. Only Work On Copy and Work On Original remain disabled. (A warning dialog appears if you attempt to use one of these commands in macOS.)

Keep Versions is enabled, but untested at this point. If you use the Keep Versions option in Helix, please let us know how it is working for you.

Export Ordered

The Export Ordered function is disabled, and based on user feedback will not be implemented in macOS.

Design Mode

Helix Engine does not have Design Mode. Helix RADE for macOS is unavailable. Stand alone access users must use Helix Engine instead to run Helix natively in macOS. To make Design Mode changes, until Helix RADE for macOS is released, requires opening your collection in Classic Helix RADE 6.0-6.1.