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Registering, updating and running in demo mode for Helix 6.2 and later
The Helix 6.2 Registration Dialog

Helix RADE, Server, and Engine require a registration key for unrestricted use. The registration process has been completely revised in Helix 6.2.

In prior versions the registration process was cumbersome and confusing for some users. Gone is the need for separate demo keys, as well as the need to hold special keys (or reinstall the application) to update the registration.

The new dialog integrates all three registration functions, as described below and illustrated in the images on the right.

Embedded Demo Mode

When you first launch a new Helix product, the dialog displays fields for entering a serial number and key, along with personalization data. The serial number and key must be a matched set, and must be for the correct product.

If you have not yet purchased a license, you can run Helix RADE, Helix Engine or Helix Server in Demo mode for an hour by clicking the Demo License button in the Registration dialog. The products run exactly as if you had purchased a license; a dialog gives you the opportunity to save or discard your changes at the end of each run.

Once the demo has ended, you can relaunch Helix and use it for an additional 30 minutes. There is no restriction on the number of times you can relaunch the application, but we do hope that you will like it enough to purchase a full license.

Registration Mode

Enter a purchased serial number and key to register Helix. As you enter this information, the button changes to Register Helix …, but remains disabled until the key is fully entered. When the key is verified, the button is enabled. Clicking the button stores the key and registers the license.

If the serial number and key do not match, or are for a different product, the button remains disabled.

In version 6.2 and 6.2.1, the ‘Personalize’ field must also be filled in to enable the registration button. In Helix 6.2.2 and later, this field may be left empty.

The registration dialog supports copy/paste, so you can copy the key from another source and paste it into the key field, to avoid transcription errors.

Note: the registration key is case sensitive, and currently does not use lowercase letters. Helix 6.2.x allows you to enter lowercase letters (and other non-alphanumeric characters) in this field, even though they are not used in registration keys. When typing a key, be sure not to use lowercase letters, or any punctuation.

Update Key

When the Helix program is running, the Registration… menu item (in the application menu) can be used to reopen the registration dialog. This gives the demo user another way to enter a purchased key, and gives a registered user the ability to update their license, when an upgrade is purchased.

When a Helix program is already registered, choosing Registration… from the application menu opens the dialog, with the Serial Number and Personalization Data filled in, ready to accept the new Key.

When a valid key is entered, the button changes to read Update License — clicking this button immediately updates the stored key, so that, for example, a Server does not have to be shut down/relaunched to gain the additional concurrent access provided by the new key.

You can also switch to a different serial number and key combination altogether, and update the ‘Personalize’ field.

For security purposes, a previously registered Key is never displayed.

Additional Notes

The Purchase button (leftmost) opens the default web browser and loads

The Cancel or Quit button (middle) does the obvious.

If for some reason the stored key is invalid, the registration dialog is presented, giving the user a chance to correct the problem.

The personalization info is a free-form field that currently allows up to 255 characters.

In Helix 7.0 and later, the Key field automatically discards all non-alphanumeric characters and converts lowercase letters to uppercase.