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Helix 7.0.1 Release Notes Companion TLW

These release notes describe the bug fixes in Helix 7.0.1. Please read them carefully.

Release Date: January 20, 2017

Helix 7.0.1 requires macOS 10.6 or later.
Bug Fixes

User Mode (RADE, Engine, and Client/Server):

Crash during the collection update process (R9224)

When a collection is updated to Helix 7.0, all internal strings are converted to Unicode. Groups of strings (e.g. values defined for a static popup menu) are stored together in a ‘list of strings’ object. The crash was triggered when one particular list of strings — the list of every font ever available to the collection — grew to more than 32K when the font names were converted to Unicode. Helix 7.0.1 now accepts lists of strings as large as 65K.

In the extremely rare case where the translation to Unicode would expand a list of strings beyond 65K, the list is trimmed to prevent that from happening.

Very Slow Client Server performance with v7.0 cf 6.2.4 (R9222)
A change made late in the beta cycle to address another bug had the unintended consequence of severely impacting Client performance compared to 6.2.4. The code has been corrected, so that the original bug is fixed and performance is restored.
Expanded collections may return 551B error when data is added (R9212)
A vestigal test that sometimes reported an error when a collection passed the 4GB threshold has been removed.
Picture Entry causes immediate crash(R9225)
Pasting a picture into a picture field should no longer cause a crash when the record is entered.
A crash when deleting large datasets (R9202)
In all versions of Helix in macOS, putting Helix into the background while deleting a large dataset on a list would result in a crash when the delete process completed. This is fixed.
Constructed document path fails to find document (R9218)
Tiles that alter attributes of a document to produce a new document sometimes failed. This is fixed.
Document export fails or goes to the wrong directory(R9211)
When documents are specified to export ‘with control file’ they are now exported to the correct folder. (That is, the one specified when naming the control file.)
Replace HDOC resource with HxDocumentBufferSize preference (R9011)
A preference setting for controlling the size of Helix’s internal document handling buffer has been moved from the resource fork into the preferences file. See the Helix Preference Editor technote for more information.
Default name of pdf printout should be view name(R9112)

When a view is printed as a PDF, the underlying template now properly retains the name given to the file, for replay in sequences, and consistent naming.

For some unknown reason, the first time a view is created, the default name presented when choosing “Save as PDF” or “Save as Postscript” is now “Print.pdf”. However, choosing “Open PDF in Preview” displays the PDF in Preview using the name of the view, as expected. From that point forward the “Save as…” commands properly use the view name (or the last name given).

Demo mode expiration dialog repeats over and over(R9217)
When running in demo mode, the ‘time is up’ dialog would not go away, but would immediately bring up another copy of the dialog when it was clicked on, requiring a Force Quit to escape. This is fixed.
Dynamic popup menu selection could fail (R9221)
Under some indeterminate conditions when a dynamic popup changes, Helix attempts to reselect the item that was previously selected. If the new popup has less items than the position of the one that was previously selected, an error occurs. Helix now checks the length of the menu before attempting to reselect the item.
Copyright information has been updated for 2017.
The text in a few dialogs has been clarified.
Bad links in the help files are fixed.

Design Mode (Helix RADE):

Inspector fails to set abacus validation(R9227)
Attempting to change an abacus validation from tile (‘simple’ validation) to an abacus (‘expert’ validation) would fail, resetting the validation back to the tile. This is fixed.
Inspector fails to commit changes to number or fixed point data formatting (R9209)
Changing a property in the ‘Number/Fixed Point Data Display Properties’ section of the Inspector would sometimes have no effect: making it impossible to commit the changes. This is fixed.
Decimal places bounds checking for is missing(R9214)
The Inspector allowed Fixed Point data to be formatted with ‘Decimal places’ in the range of -7–2. AppleScript allowed Fixed Point and Number data to be formatted with ‘Decimal places’ of any value. Both of these bugs are fixed.
Sorting by ‘User Mode Name’ wrongly sorts by ‘Custom Name’ (R9230)
The code to sort by user mode name was using the custom name to sort instead. It now sorts correctly.
Dragging text abacus over word tile socket fails(R9205)
Helix 7.0 allows non-keyword text in the first socket of a keyword tile. Although a text or styled text abacus could be set via the Inspector or by AppleScript, dragging an abacus over the socket would fail. This is fixed.
Outer rectangles block repeat rectangle when they should not(R9208)

The ability to rotate rectangles was not factored into the code that determines whether a rectangle blocks the repeat rectangle from repeating. This bug is fixed.

In addition, for the purpose of determining interaction with the repeat rectangle, all outer rectangles are now calculated using only the upper left point of the rectangle, as was the intention when rotation was added. This has the added benefit of allowing tighter template design, and allowing more rectangle overlap when a repeat rectangle is involved.

Uncommitted changes block Autosave without notification (R9177)
In prior versions, autosave would not trigger if there were uncommitted changes, but the user was not notified of this. Helix now issues a Why? message stating “AutoSave can not save the collection while there are uncommitted changes.”
Applying Helix 6 clipping with User icon mangles that user’s menus (R9221)

A number of issues when applying a Helix 6.x clipping that contains user icons are fixed:

  1. the macOS code that translates MacRoman text into Unicode does not translate the  (Apple) menu. Helix 7.0.1 manually detects this character and ensures that a duplicate menu is not created.
  2. The Classic ‘Desk Accessories’ placehoder was not being removed, creating a blank line in the user’s ‘Helix’ menu. Helix 7.0.1 properly removes this menu item
  3. The internal definition of the Enter/Replace command changed in Helix 7.0, but older clippings were not being adapted to the new definition.

Note: in clippings from 6.2.4 or earlier, the Quit command is at the bottom of the ‘File’ menu. In Helix 7.0 the Quit command on the User menu is ignored, as macOS always puts one at the bottom of the ‘Helix’ menu. Collection designers can move it manually or remove it altogether: macOS will put it in the macOS-designated location either way.