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Welcome to Helix 8.0
Helix 8.0 is Here

Helix 8.0 is the second major upgrade of our database application development and deployment tools since completing the transition from Classic to Intel-only macOS. It was introduced on Dec 21, 2019. Unlike Helix 7.0, which introduced many new features, the focus of Helix 8.0 is on transitioning Helix to 64-bit, as is now required for macOS releases beginning with Catalina.

Helix 8.0.1 is a bug fix release introduced on Nov 3, 2020. The Release Notes detail the improvements made in this version.

Helix 8.0.2 is a bug fix release introduced Jun 30, 2022. The Release Notes detail the improvements made in this version.

The Single Major New Features in Helix 8 is…

As the Helix 8.0 Release Notes detail, our initial focus is on updating the structural format of collections. Gone is the ‘resource fork’ which provided storage for critical ‘mapping’ data within each collection. This data is now stored with the rest of the collection structure.

Part and parcel of our new structural foundation, a number of significant new features and capabilities have been have been added to the Helix Utility application. These are detailed in the Helix 8.0 Release Notes

Helix 8 requires transformations within the collection structure. Once a collection is updated to Helix 8, it can never be opened in Helix 7.0.4 or any earlier version of Helix again. Collection updating is automatic in Helix 8, with an option to make a backup of the collection before updating. We strongly encourage you to make a backup before updating.

Bug Fixes

Of course, all software contain bugs — this software included! But Helix 8.0 also brings fixes to a dozen issues in Helix RADE, a pair in Helix Server and three in Helix Utility.

The process of getting Helix from 32-bit to 64-bit will be a full development cycle, i.e: all of the 8.0.x releases. In any development cycle, problems may arise and need to be brought to our attention.

To streamline the reporting process, we have created a complete bug reporting database in our online Helix database: techdb. For those who have never used techdb before, accessing it means using Helix Client to log into our own Helix Server from anywhere in the world. This is a great demonstration of the capabilities of Helix Client/Server. You can get your free copy of Helix Client on our download page.

Reporting bugs through techdb has many advantages:

  1. Report Discussions — communicate with our staff and other users. Help us identify the root issue behind the bugs.
  2. Search Capabilities — find out if others are experiencing the same issues.
  3. Feature Votes — indicate how important a fix is to you. More votes = higher priority.
  4. Document Exchange — submit collections, scripts, diagnostic logs, etc. Helix’s document management capabilities make it easy.

For more on using techdb, please visit this page.

Before you enter a new report, please look at the existing reports to see if the bug you have found has already been reported. The Callisto Reports item in the Reports menu displays just the reports that pertain to Helix 8.0. This form also has options to filter the list only to show the reports in which you are personally involved.

Because we are trying to get the most visible and productive work done in the shortest possible period, we reserve the right to “condense” reports. If a report you entered seems to have disappeared, rest assured it isn’t a Helix bug. We routinely remove duplicate reports. Please don’t take it personally if your report of an issue is removed in favor of someone else’s. Either way, we do appreciate your contribution.

Release History

Helix 8.0: Dec 21, 2019

Helix 8.0.1: May 4, 2021

Helix 8.0.2: Jun 30, 2022 (Utility)