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Bypassing ‘Update Collection OS X’ for Helix 6.2

Helix 6.2 features built-in structure checking, making Update Collection OS X obsolete. Furthermore, certain situations that are legal in Helix 6.2 are flagged by Update Collection OS X and reported as damage.

For these reasons it is preferable to bypass Update Collection OS X altogether when using Helix Maintenance Manager with Helix 6.2. This technote explains how.


One limitation of Helix Maintenance Manager is that it requires that both Update Collection and Helix Utility be run as part of any plan. This presents a dilemma, since Update Collection OS X is obsolete in Helix 6.2.

The answer is in recognizing that, because HMM was created to work with more than one version of Helix, it is necessary to specify the exact copy of Update Collection OS X to be used to check the collection. By supplying our own ‘Update Collection simulator’ we can tell HMM that a successful structure check has been done, allowing it to go on to the next step in the plan.

Follow these steps to set up an Update Collection OS X simulator in Helix Maintenance Manager…

  1. Download the simulator applet from our site. (click here)
  2. Unzip the download to extract an AppleScript applet named Update Collection OS X.
  3. Move that applet to a convenient location on your computer. (You can even replace the actual Update Collection OS X application with the simulator.)
  4. Launch Helix Maintenance Manager — if an error dialog appears, see this technote.
  5. In the “Manage” panel, select your plan and click “Edit Plan…”
  6. In the “Setup” window, click on the “Check Settings” panel.
  7. In the “Helix Update Collection Settings” section, click the first button. (It will either read “Set Location…” or “Update Collection OS”.)
  8. In the ‘Choose a File’ dialog, navigate to the location where the simulator is stored and choose it.
  9. Switch to the ‘Save’ panel to save the new settings. (Or close the window and click Save in the confirmation dialog.)

Helix Maintenance Manager will now use this AppleScript applet in place of Update Collection OS X, bypassing the obsolete program.

It is important to note that although it appears that you can select any application in the ‘Choose a File’ dialog, HMM expects that the selected application is named Update Collection OS X and may hang if the selected application has a different name.

About Helix Utility

Although Update Collection OS X can be bypassed, it appears there is no way to bypass Helix Utility OS X. The interactive nature of Helix Utility can not be simulated, it seems.


This issue affects all users who use Helix Maintenance Manager with Helix 6.2 or later.